What is Propertied

Propertied is a tiny Clojure library that makes working with Java property lists from Clojure a bit nicer.

It is very small in scope: convert java.util.Properties to and from an immutable map, load and store them to and from .properties files.

Supported Clojure Versions

Propertied targets Clojure 1.4+, tested against 3 Clojure versions x 2 JDKs on travis-ci.org, and is released under the Eclipse Public License.

Documentation and Examples

Propertied makes it easy to convert property lists (java.util.Properties) into Clojure maps and vice versa. Thus working with property lists is generally as straightforward as working with maps.

clojurewerkz.propertied.properties/load-from is a polymorphic function that instantiates a property list from an input (e.g. a map).


(require '[clojurewerkz.propertied.properties :as p])

(p/load-from {"a key" "a value"})
;= {"a key" "a value"}
(class (p/load-from {"a key" "a value"}))
;= java.util.Properties
(let [pl (p/load-from {"a key" "a value"})]
  (p/properties->map pl))
;= {"a key" "a value"}

;; loading from files and InputStreams
(require '[clojure.java.io :as io])

(p/load-from (io/resource "resource/on/classpath.properties"))
(p/load-from (io/file "resource/on/classpath.properties"))

;; storing to property files (.properties)
(p/store-to {"name" "Michael" "age" "28"} "/tmp/michael.properties")
(p/store-to {"name" "Michael" "age" "28"} (io/file "/tmp/michael.properties"))
(p/store-to {"name" "Michael" "age" "28"} (java.io.File/createTempFile "michael" ".properties"))

Learn more in the documentation.


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The source is available on GitHub. We also use GitHub to track issues.

The ClojureWerkz Team