Quartzite is a Clojure DSL on top of the Quartz scheduler. It has a few convenience features in addition, but primarily tries to make core Quartz features as easy to use as possible without heavy use of Java interop in your apps.

Here’s a list of what you get out of the box:

  • Ability to define jobs, triggers and schedules using a DSL
  • Scheduling, unscheduling, pausing and resuming jobs and triggers.
  • Querying scheduler for information, convenient predicate functions
  • Ability to register listeners for scheduler events
  • Access to durable scheduler data stores (JDBC databases out of the box, other stores via plugins)
  • Decent documentation (my favorite feature)

Quartzite targets Clojure 1.3+, tested against 3 Clojure versions x 3 JDKs on travis-ci.org, and is released under the Eclipse Public License.

Learn more in the Getting Started guide and the rest of the docs.

The source is available on GitHub. We also use GitHub to track issues.

The ClojureWerkz Team