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Neocons 1.1.0-beta2 Is Released


Neocons is a feature rich idiomatic Clojure client for the Neo4J REST API.

1.1.0-beta2 is second preview 1.1.0 release that is 100% backwards-compatible with 1.0.x.

Changes between Neocons 1.1.0-beta1 and 1.1.0-beta2

Support upgraded to 0.10.0

Neocons now uses ClojureWerkz Support 0.10.0.

clj-http upgraded to 0.6.3

Neocons now uses clj-http 0.6.3. Now Fully Supports Ids now correctly works with node ids as well as Node records.

GH issue: #19.

More Informative Exceptions

HTTP exceptions bubbling up now will carry more information (namely the response :body).

Contributed by Adrian Gruntkowski. is a new function that fetches multiple relationships by id in a single request:

(require '[ :as rel])

(rel/get-many [id1 id2 id3])

Contributed by Adrian Gruntkowski.

Changes between Neocons 1.0.0 and 1.1.0-beta1

Initial Spatial Plugin Support

Neocons now has initial support for the Neo4J Spatial plugin in the clojurewerkz.neocons.spatial namespace.

Contributed by Kyle Goodwin.

Cheshire For JSON Serliazation

Neocons now uses (and depends on) Cheshire for JSON serialization. is no longer a dependency.

Clojure 1.4 By Default

Neocons now depends on org.clojure/clojure version 1.4.0. It is still compatible with Clojure 1.3 and if your project.clj depends on 1.3, it will be used, but 1.4 is the default now.

We encourage all users to upgrade to 1.4, it is a drop-in replacement for the majority of projects out there.

Pass Configuration When Creating Node Indexes now correctly passes index configuration to Neo4J Server. Reported in #6.

clj-http upgraded to 0.5.5

Neocons now uses clj-http 0.5.5.

Change Log

We recommend all users to give 1.1.0-beta2 a try.

Neocons change log is available on GitHub.

Neocons is a ClojureWerkz Project

Neocons is part of the group of libraries known as ClojureWerkz, together with

  • Langohr, a Clojure client for RabbitMQ that embraces the AMQP 0.9.1 model
  • Elastisch, a minimalistic Clojure client for ElasticSearch
  • Monger, a Clojure MongoDB client for a more civilized age
  • Welle, a Riak client with batteries included
  • Quartzite, a powerful scheduling library

and several others. If you like Neocons, you may also like our other projects.

Let us know what you think on Twitter or on the Clojure mailing list.

Michael on behalf of the ClojureWerkz Team