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Langohr 5.0.0 Is Released


Langohr is a small Clojure RabbitMQ client.

5.0.0 is a release that upgrades Java client dependency to 5.x..

Changes in 5.0.0

RabbitMQ Java Client Upgrade

RabbitMQ Java client dependency has been updated to 5.x.

JDK 8 is Now Required

RabbitMQ Java client 5.x requires JDK 8. It’s a good chance to drop support for older JDKs in Langohr. Langohr 4.x continues to use a JDK 6 and 7-compatible version of the Java client.

Queueing/Blocking Consumers are Removed

RabbitMQ Java client 5.0 removed a long deprecated queueing consumer abstraction that used an internal j.u.c queue for deliveries and acted as an iterator. That consumer implementation never supported automatic connection recovery and isn’t necessary with modern consumer operation dispatch pool.

Langohr follows suit and removes the following functions based on the QueueingConsumer:

  • langohr.basic/blocking-subscribe
  • langohr.consumers/create-queueing
  • langohr.consumers/deliveries-seq

langohr.consumers/deliveries-seq may be reintroduced in the future if a reasonable imlementation for it comes to mind/is contributed.

clj-http Upgrade

clj-http dependency has been updated to 3.8.x.

Change Log

Langohr change log is available on GitHub.

Langohr is a ClojureWerkz Project

Langohr is part of the group of libraries known as ClojureWerkz, together with

  • Elastisch, a minimalistic well documented Clojure client for ElasticSearch
  • Cassaforte, a Clojure Cassandra client built around CQL 3.0
  • Monger, a Clojure MongoDB client for a more civilized age
  • Neocons, a client for the Neo4J REST API
  • Quartzite, a powerful scheduling library

and several others. If you like Langohr, you may also like our other projects.

Let us know what you think on Twitter or on the Clojure mailing list.

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