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Mailer 1.0.0 Is Released


ClojureWerkz Mailer is an ActionMailer-inspired mailer library for Clojure. It combines Postal, Clostache and a number of its own features and conventions to make delivering complex template-based emails as painless as possible.

Why Use Mailer

All the building blocks to make email rendering and delivery easy in Clojure have been in place for a while, Mailer simply combines them and brings in some time tested ideas from Action Mailer.

What’s In The Box

Mailer lets you:

  • Send email using pluggable transports
  • Use Moustache templates for email
  • Generate HTML and/or plain text email
  • Deliver mail over SMTP or Sendmail
  • Test rendered emails easily


Mailer is a small library and all of its documentation guide fits in the README.

Project Maturity

Mailer is a moderately mature project, the API hasn’t changed in over a year.

Supported Clojure Versions

Mailer supports Clojure 1.4+.

News and Updates

New releases and updates are announced on Twitter.

Mailer is a ClojureWerkz Project

Mailer is part of the group of libraries known as ClojureWerkz, together with

  • Langohr, a Clojure client for RabbitMQ that embraces the AMQP 0.9.1 model
  • Elastisch, a minimalistic Clojure client for ElasticSearch
  • Cassaforte, a Clojure client for Cassandra built around CQL
  • Monger, a Clojure MongoDB client for a more civilized age
  • Welle, a Riak client with batteries included
  • Neocons, a Clojure client for the Neo4J REST API

and several others. If you like Mailer, you may also like our other projects.

Let us know what you think on Twitter or on the Clojure mailing list.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the ClojureWerkz Team.