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Carmine 2.0.0 Is Released


Carmine is fantastic Clojure client for Redis.

2.0.0 is a major release that introduces some breaking API changes, new features and another 20% performance improvement (now within less than 5% of the Java client).

Changes in Carmine 2.0

  • 20% better performance
  • Pluggable data compression and encryption based on Nippy 2.0
  • Improvements to message queueing and distributed locking features
  • Tundra, a way to plug a durable data store into Carmine for long-term data persistence

See full change log for more details.

Carmine 2.0 Migration Guide

Carmine users should get themselves familiar with the Carmine 2.0 Migration Guide before upgrading.

Carmine Has Sister Projects

Carmine is part of the group of libraries by Peter Taoussanis, together with

  • Timbre, a pure Clojure logging and profiling library
  • Tower, a pure Clojure library for i18n and l10n
  • Nippy, a fast drop-in replacement for the Clojure reader
  • Faraday, a Clojure DynamoDB client
  • Touchstone, a Clojure library for split testing

If you like these projects, you should follow Peter on Twitter.

@michaelklishin on behalf of the ClojureWerkz Team