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Nippy 2.0.0 Is Released


Nippy is an attempt to provide a reliable, high-performance drop-in alternative to the Clojure reader.

2.0.0 is a major completely backwards-compatible release that includes several new features.

Changes in Nippy 2.0

Nippy 2.0 is a backwards-compatible release that introduces several new features:

  • Pluggable compression
  • Pluggable data encryption support
  • Much improved error messages
  • Easier integration with other libraries

See full change log for more info.

Nippy Has Sister Projects

Nippy is part of the group of libraries by Peter Taoussanis, together with

  • Carmine, a fantastic Clojure client for Redis
  • Faraday, a Clojure DynamoDB client
  • Timbre, a pure Clojure logging and profiling library
  • Tower, a Clojure library for split testing
  • Touchstone, a pure Clojure library for i18n and l10n

If you like these projects, you should follow Peter on Twitter.

@michaelklishin on behalf of the ClojureWerkz Team