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Metrics-clojure 2.5.0 Is Released


metrics-clojure is a Clojure façade around Coda Hale’s Metrics library, originally developed by Steve Losh.

metrics-clojure is not a ClojureWerkz project but we help maintain it and consider it to be a very valuable library.

Changes Between 2.4.0 and 2.5.0

Type Hints Use Fully-Qualified Names

Type hints across the libraries now use fully-qualified names, which means returned types don’t have to be imported in the caller namespaces.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

:total Key In Timers

metrics.timers/rate return value now includes :total.

Contributed by Andrew Rudenko.

Added remove-all-metrics function

metrics-clojure Now has a function to remove all existing metrics from a given registry.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Metrics 3.1.1

metrics-clojure is now based on Metrics 3.1.1.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Full Change Log

metrics-clojure change log is available on GitHub.

About the Author

Michael on behalf of the metrics-clojure Team.